Monday, September 12, 2016

A Picture is worth a Thousand ways to find You

A picture is worth a Thousand ways to find You

Sharing a simple picture via text or social media says a lot more about you than what you see in your selfie. Almost all pictures taken with a cell phone contain Meta Data.  Meta Data in a digital photo may contain your name, contact info, what type of camera was used, geo-tags that give the location it was taken, exposure information, searchable key words and much more.  Keep in mind who and where you share your pictures because they may bocome a road map to your house.

Even stripping out the Meta data may not protect your privacy.  Using image search engines such as TinEye or Google image search can help you find out someones name, social media accounts, location and more.  Now, even blurring out parts of an image may not protect you.

We developed DatChat to protect your privacy by preventing forwarding, stripping out the meta data,  encrypting the image and always giving you control to self-destruct it anytime you want.

Stay safe and remember that once a picture is uploaded to social media assume it will be there forever.

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