Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Creepers Favorite Website

Creepers come in a variety of different type’s psychopaths, but they all seem to possess a few common skills.  Being able to identify how and what they are doing will shut them down before they get can get close to their end goals of money, false love or just manipulation for kicks. Knowing how they operate is the best defense to protect yourself from the wide assortment of psychopaths, narcissists, covert narcissists, stalkers and other predators that are lurking online.  
Before the predator ever sends you a friend request they do their homework like the good little creepers they are. It doesn’t matter if it is the harmless guy who lived down the hall from you twenty years ago in college or someone that just perved your profile on Facebook. Their goal is the same, to build “Rapport” with you so you trust them.  Who doesn’t like someone that is just like you?  In order to do that, they are going to make sure you have a lot  in common.    Think of them as the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” that have spent hours on Google finding out everything they can possibly find out about you. They are going to mirror your likes, values and interest in order to captivate your attention and build a deep connection.  If it sounds creepy, it is.  When you chat with someone that you have so much in common with it creates an instant rapport, which in turn creates a trust ans connection.   that The creepers are smart, they never come on too strong in the beginning.  Then something interesting happens, intertwined in the catching up chit chat are little detours about things they do and like that are the exact same things you happen to have an interest in.  Next thing you know, you two are chatting about everything that interests you.  How can that be? Are they your long lost soul mate or have they found your Pinterest account? 

Pinterest is almost always one of the top search results if you google someone.  Think of some of the things people pin on Pinterest such as: Favorite Books, Places They Have Been, Favorite Movies, Quotes, Pets and Bucket Lists just to name a few. There is a good reason it is called P- INTEREST.  Every so often the hardest part of talking to someone is finding interesting things to chat about, Pinterest more than takes care of that problem.  It’s the things that we don’t think of that often make us the most vulnerable.  It’s hard to know if someone is an avid reader on Facebook, but on Pinterest it is usually clear. On Facebook you can tell where many people have been by their pictures, but on Pinterest you can see where they dream of going.  Often Pinterest opens up a person’s hopes, dreams and aspirations...which is soul food for the psychopath.

Protecting yourself is fairly easy if you are willing to be just a little cynical of a new friend request from someone that you haven’t heard from in twenty years. First Google them.  They Pyscho’s are all liars, and if you catch them in a lie de-friend and cut off all contact.  If you hear the psychopath’s all-time favorite word of all time “soulmate, “run as fast as you can.   If they ask you to delete their messages for any reason, run. If they message or call you every day “Love Bombing”, block them.  Get the picture.

Now, I am not recommending that you stop Pinning, but you need to familiarize yourself with the different type of “creeps” and “creepers” out there.  The hard ones to spot are the ones that seem so nice or harmless.  They are usually the ones that you would never suspect, but have had a lock of your hair and a sock that they stole from your laundry 25 years ago.  The covert narcissist is probable the most dangerous because they are the ones that are so nice on the surface, but just want to suck the life out of you.   Keep on pinning anything you want, just make yourself aware that if someone seems to be your long lost soul mate in a matter of hours or days…defriend them!