Monday, April 10, 2017

Social Media Privacy Tip

The more time we spend on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the more important it becomes that we take a few basic precautions to protect our privacy.  Here are a few tips that are both easy and effective.

Delete Your Facebook Search Data:  Did you know that all your searches on Facebook are saved unless you delete them.  Every search is logged and kept in a list organized by date and time.  While you might want to keep recent searches for a few weeks, there is no reason to keep detailed historical search data. Luckily, this is a quick and simple fix.

To Delete, simply click in the search box and you will see a link to see and edit all your recent searches.  They are all there.

Select Edit and then select “Clear Searches”.  Your entire search history will be completely deleted.

Privacy Settings

It is important to actively manage your privacy settings in order to make sure you that your posts, photos, check-Ins and likes are only seen by those you want to see them.  Every few weeks take a few minutes to click on the Privacy Settings on your social media accounts.  I

Photo GPS
Turn off the GPS function on your smartphone camera.   If you plan to share photos online, make sure that you turn off the GPS on your device to keep your exact location private.  It is amazing how someone can track you from the data in your pictures and a picture search.

It only takes a few minutes to make sure our personal information is safe.  As more of our information is archived forever by the social media we all use, it is even more important to make sure that we share only what we want to be part of our permanent social record.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Self-Destructing & Screenshot Protected Texting for iMessage Launched by DatChat

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J.Nov. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- DatChat Inc., today announced the availability of DatChat for iMessage. DatChat for iMessage allows iMessage users the ability to easily send or receive self-destructing and screenshot protected messages without ever leaving the iMessage app.  All messages are encrypted and can be un-sent at any time after sending. Additionally, DatChat provides privacy and confidentiality for your messaging without sacrificing the ability to see the entire message at once.
DatChat for iMessage provides senders with a new level of privacy and control for their messaging.  Senders can set a message to automatically self-destruct after the exact number of views or time that they choose.  At any time a sender can un-send a message by simply pressing the Destruct button.  Additionally, users can enable screenshot protection on pictures and texts to further protect their privacy.  DatChat for iMessage is available Free on the iMessage App Store for iOS 10 iPhones and iPads.  More information is available at
"We have all had those moments when you wished you could un-send a message or simply make sure it doesn't last forever," said Darin Myman, co-founder and CEO of DatChat Inc. "Now with DatChat for iMessage, you can easily protect your privacy without having to leave iMessage."
Using DatChat for iMessage is easy. Simply create a message and send. To un-send a message just tap a sent message and hit Destruct.  Once messages self-destruct they are gone forever.  All DatChat messages are encrypted and can't be saved, forwarded or printed.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Picture is worth a Thousand ways to find You

A picture is worth a Thousand ways to find You

Sharing a simple picture via text or social media says a lot more about you than what you see in your selfie. Almost all pictures taken with a cell phone contain Meta Data.  Meta Data in a digital photo may contain your name, contact info, what type of camera was used, geo-tags that give the location it was taken, exposure information, searchable key words and much more.  Keep in mind who and where you share your pictures because they may bocome a road map to your house.

Even stripping out the Meta data may not protect your privacy.  Using image search engines such as TinEye or Google image search can help you find out someones name, social media accounts, location and more.  Now, even blurring out parts of an image may not protect you.

We developed DatChat to protect your privacy by preventing forwarding, stripping out the meta data,  encrypting the image and always giving you control to self-destruct it anytime you want.

Stay safe and remember that once a picture is uploaded to social media assume it will be there forever.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Don't Hit Send

Don't hit send without DatChat.  Have you ever sent a message to the wrong person, known someone that has or wish you could un-send a message you already sent?  Most of the time you don't know before hand that you wanted a message or conversation to self-destruct.  Also, its basically impossible to have a real conversation if every message is disappearing after a few seconds.  Think about how you send messages and read the ones you receive.  Most of the time you scroll through the conversation to re-read things, Right!.  That's why DatChat allows you to have a regular conversation that lasts forever or can be be destructed at any time you want.  Plus, how many times have you wanted to share something that couldn't be screenshot.

 DatChat Messenger with total privacy control for both individual and group messages is the first messenger that always gives you the option to erase or change how long your messages last on the other person’s phone. It doesn’t matter if you set your messages to last forever or automatically self-destruct, because at any time each sender can wipe them off the recipient’s phone or give them more time. Senders can choose to change the rights to a single message or destruct all of their messages at the same time.

Screenshot Protection: DatChat’s Patent Pending protection mode makes it nearly impossible to screenshot a secret picture or message. Also, the sender receives notifications when someone attempts to screenshot protected or regular self-destructing messages.

“Nuke” a Conversation: Users can even opt to Nuke messages, which erases both sides of the conversation on both the sender and recipient’s devices.  Then the entire conversation is gone without a trace.

Biggest threat to our Privacy: While the media focuses on the potential for the government to invade our privacy, the real threat comes from what happens to our messages in our recipient’s hands. Personal and business relationships are constantly evolving and situations arise where you need to revoke the rights to information you have shared. DatChat eliminates sender regret, and can protects your privacy when you need it the most.

Messaging Rights Management Platform: Patent pending technology allows a sender to set a message to last forever, or automatically self-destruct after a certain number of views. At any time a sender can wipe texts off a recipient’s phone or give the recipient more time to view the message.
“Nuke” a Conversation: Users can even opt to Nuke messages, which erases both sides of the conversation on both the sender and recipient’s devices.

Encryption: All DatChat messages are encrypted with AES256 for the message, and RSA for the key to ensure your messages are only seen by you and your intended recipients. Each message is individually encrypted for the recipient and cannot be forwarded or saved. Additionally, all messages are sent and received via a SSL connection and can never be viewed by DatChat under any circumstance.

Download for free for iPhone and iPad.   Coming soon for Android.

Stay safe and protect your privacy