Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quick Intro

Ever Since 2004 when I developed the first self-destructing email, I have been concerned with what happens to our personal information after you hit send. Now that we have become so comfortable with sharing our pictures, political beliefs, family events and pretty much everything else about ourselves, lets take a look at what happens to the info and how it is used.

About 2 years ago I had an experience that really changed the way I thought of my mobile phone.
I hooked it up to a free trial of  a text recovery  program that I downloaded for free and was shocked by what I found.  Not only did I find text messages that I had thought were long erased, but voice mails, websites, book marked websites, browser history, pictures, pictures hidden in vault apps, deleted call history and much more.  I was shocked at what I was able to recover.  That got me to start thinking about my next big project and what we all really need to keep our info safe.

In my next post we will take a look at a popular social sharing site that is the stalkers guide to your soul..can you guess which one it is?